Far from his days starring on The CW (and its predecessor The WB), One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray returns to the network for a recurring role on Riverdale.

CMM will put a face to the previously mentioned cult leader Edgar Evernever for an upcoming arc in season three.

The official description of his character, per Entertainment Weekly, reads, “The enigmatic leader of the cult-like Farm, Edgar arrives in Riverdale to spread his teachings and heal the ravaged soul of this once-wholesome town. Edgar is a charming, handsome guru, but is he hiding a more sinister agenda?”

While we’ve heard about the elusive Evernever this season, we’ve yet to be able to put a face to the cult leader’s name. So far this season, we’ve seen both Polly and Alice (plus newborn twins Juniper and Dagwood) find solace in the cult following Hal’s reveal as the murderous Black Hood and its arrival to the Town with Pep, even sponsoring the upcoming Heathers school musical.

No further details have been announced, but Murray himself confirmed it’s going to be a “wild ride.”

Photo: Rob Latour/Shutterstock