Source: Chronicle Collectibles

Just six months after revealing plans for a Jurassic World Kickstarter project, Texas-based Chronicle Collectibles has essentially vaporized. Chronicle held licenses for products inspired by Star Trek, Outlander, Fallout, the Terminator, and many more.

Following numerous reports on social media regarding vastly delayed products and unfulfilled preorders, the company and its owner, Clay Brown, began a social media retreat in October, locking down profiles as rumors of its impending demise began swirling despite no formal bankruptcy filing or closure notice.

Last month, the Pop Insider reached out to attorney Clayton Everett of Norred Law for more information in regard to an October letter posted to the Chronicle Collectibles Facebook page that stated that Norred had stepped in as the company sought “financial breathing room.”

“Norred Law represents the organization, but it has not filed bankruptcy,” Everett said via email. “We are exploring options regarding the company’s future, but no decision has yet been made. That’s all I can say at this time.”


As of this week, the Chronicle Collectibles website has ceased to exist, sans a Shopify set-up page, as hundreds of collectors continue to chime in on the possibility of being out hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars from orders placed that Chronicle never shipped.

Alternately, many Facebook commenters have reported that their payment plans for Chronicle Collectibles items have been canceled and refunded, but without any updates or communication from the company. At this time, it does appear that some in-stock items are being shipped by Sideshow acting as a distributor.

We will update this story as more information surfaces.