Source: Pexels

The Uk-based puzzle company Cloudberries just attempted history with a worldwide group project that actually worked — unlike every group project you’ve ever been in.

People from around the world were invited to work on a crowdsourced puzzle and it was completed in under two hours. The aim was to test out the concept of “wisdom of the crowd” — a theory that people can work together even if they have no idea what others are doing. Five hundred people chose a piece of the puzzle and a color for it but couldn’t see what anyone else was picking.

The end result, Cloudberries’ website says, looks amazing. Those who were quick enough to choose a color and leave their email will be the first to have access to the actual, really real puzzle that Cloudberries will create with the crowdsourced design. It will have an initial release of 500 puzzles, which will be available by preorder by the end of the year and in puzzlers’ hands by February.

When the design is officially revealed, Cloudberries’ followers and fans will be able to help name it before it goes on sale. It will accept suggestions and eventually put together a shortlist of names that we can all vote on.

Cloudberries plants a tree for every puzzle sold and this innovative puzzle is no different. Check out its other puzzles here.