Players will explore the precinct as they participate in the heist. | Source: The Op | Usaopoly

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s final season is coming, but that doesn’t mean we need to say goodbye to our favorite characters from New York City’s 99th precinct. Throw yourself in an iconic heist just like the Nine-Nine crew with Clue: Brooklyn Nine-Nine! It’ll be so “cool, cool cool cool cool cool.”

The game recreates the Halloween heist, which has become a staple of every Brooklyn Nine-Nine spooky Halloween episode. Players put their detective skills to the test as one of the core six: Terry, Captain Holt, Rosa, Amy, Jake, or Charles.

Fans can play as one of the six main characters. | Source: The Op | Usaopoly

The game comes with six mini items inspired by the show, including Holt’s watch, Scully’s medical bracelet, and the cumberbund/championship belt. Fans will need to figure out which of those items is the trophy to look for. The second mystery that needs to be solved is who hid it — Maybe it was Holt, who’s been planning his scheme all year. Or maybe it was Charles, who hired his body double. Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is finding out where the prize is hidden. Amy could’ve buried it in the copy room, or Rosa could’ve pulled some aerobics and put it somewhere in the elevator.

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Throughout the heist adventure, Intrigue and Rumor cards will move players through the precinct as they try to solve the mystery, while Power Cards will give each player a unique ability to get them one step closer to being called the Ultimate Human/Genius. Every investigator will use a Brooklyn Nine-Nine clue sheet to track accusations and know where to look before they can yell, “BINGPOT!”

The game is designed for 2-6 players and costs $39.99. Fans of the show can find it at any local game store or at The Op’s online shop.