Akedo’s latest collection features three new styles inspired by Cobra Kai’s best dojos. | Source: Akedo

Ever felt like stepping into the life of a sensei? Akedo’s new sneaker collection, inspired by the Netflix series Cobra Kai, has just the styles for you.

There are three new pairs of high tops in Akedo’s Cobra Kai collection which represent the main dojos in the show: Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang, and Miyagi-Do. The black Cobra Kai high-tops feature the dojo’s motto — “Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.” — on one side, a giant yellow cobra poised to strike on the other side, and the phrase “Cobra Kai never dies” on the tongues. 

Rep Johnny Lawrence’s dojo from seasons 3-5 with the Eagle Fang high tops, a pair of black sneakers with red laces that feature the dojo’s bald eagle logo on the sides and the phrase “Bite like an eagle” on the tongues. Finally, the Miyagi-Do dojo is represented by a pair of white high tops with black laces. One side of these high tops features the Miyagi-Do logo while the other side has a silhouette of Daniel LaRusso doing his iconic crane kick. 

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Whether you’re hitting the dojo or the streets, Akedo’s Cobra Kai high tops will have you kicking in style.