The Avatar the Last Airbender makeup collection | Source: Colour Pop

Water. Air. Fire. Earth. Beauty Products. These are the five elements that bring harmony to the planet. 

Cosmetic company ColourPop is on a mission to save the world with an all new collection inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender. Featuring an array of eyeshadows, eyeliners, face masks, and lip stains, this line is granting benders everywhere the supernatural abilities needed to wield the perfect makeup look. 

The collection’s Avatar the Last Airbender eyeshadow palette opens up like a storybook to reveal an immersive range of hues based on the four elements in the series: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. Each element has a corresponding shadow press that displays the respective element’s symbol. These 100% vegan shades are offered in both matte and sparkly pigments, allowing for long-lasting looks that are absolutely fire (or air, or water, or earth). Priced at $22, this palette is complete with imagery of Aang and his flying pet lemur, Momo, on the front cover.

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Another highlight from the collection is the gel liners. These creamy, metallic eyeliner pens are available in four shades — blown away, fiery fierce, groundbreaker, and making waves — which, as their names suggest, draw inspiration from the four nations of ATLA. Fans can purchase the shades individually for $8 or the entire bundle for $28. 

ColourPop’s Avatar the Last Airbender collection is available to shop now at, with the full collection set priced at $135. If you want to be a bender, you have to let go of… your wallet!