Coloring ain’t just for kids.

For the #adults who have a secret stash of Crayola crayons hidden away in a Star Wars tin (don’t @ me), the adult world just got a little brighter with the 58-piece Crayola Makeup Collection. That’s right, officially branded Crayola makeup is a thing that exists and we need it on our faces right now.

The best part of the collection, available only at ASOS, is the packaging. The chubby makeup stick pencils come in a Crayola box and the plastic surrounding the chubby pencils looks like crayon wrappers. Unfortunately, there’s no built-in sharpener, but that’s a small price to pay for such an epic set. The collection includes 24 shades of stick foundation, highlighters, lip and cheek crayons, mascaras, brushes, and five palettes for the eyes, face, and lips. We lied, the best part is that everything is vegan and cruelty-free. Swoon.

The face and eye crayons are boisterous and bright, allowing adults to get creative with accents or designs on their faces. Kids in adult bodies rejoice—it’s available now.

h/t Teen Vogue