Source: Sideshow

In some news that we can pretty confidently call lawful good, Sideshow has partnered with the popular digital media brand Critical Role. The company is set to launch a line of collectible figures and fine art inspired by Critical Role’s long-running campaigns, set in the fantasy world of Exandria.

Critical Role fans (also known as Critters) can look forward to pieces featuring heroes from both the Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein campaigns.


“Working closely with the cast to stay faithful to fan-favorite, canonical representations of the characters, we are hoping to make these wondrous items as glorious as any goods Shaun Gilmore or Pumat Sol would sell to adventurers,” says Sideshow Brand Director Anna Van Slee.

Things are kicking off with Mighty Nein items, starting with the “Mighty Nein: This Is How We Roll!” fine art print pictured above. Created by artist Ian MacDonald, the vibrant illustration is packed with Easter eggs and is available to preorder starting today, with an estimated ship date of January or February.

Source: Sideshow

Next will be statues of Beau and Fjord, which capture both of the Campaign 2 characters in action and with incredible detail. These collectibles won’t be available to preorder until Jan. 14, but fans can sign up to join RSVP lists and get notified when preorders go live.

This is only the start for Critical Role and Sideshow. Which other characters do you hope to see as collectibles?