Photo: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has the perfect comfy clothes for your next anime binge-watch, especially if one of your favorite anime happens to be the classic Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

There are six new, colorful Gundam Wing hoodies available from the Crunchyroll Store, each featuring a different mobile suit from the series — including Heero Yuy’s Wing Gundam, Duo Maxwell’s Deathscythe, and Zech Marquis’ Epyon. The full suit is featured on the back of each hoodie, with just the suit’s head pictured on the front and the model number printed on the sleeve.

The Gundam Wing x Crunchyroll collection is the latest in the CR Loves capsule collection series — limited-edition apparel drops featuring fan-favorite anime characters.

This specific drop is available now for preorder exclusively from the Crunchyroll Store. But these hoodies, which cost $54.95 each, won’t be around for long — The preorder window closes on May 14, and the collection won’t be available again after that.

Fans can check out and preorder the full collection here!