Source: Crunchyroll/the Pop Insider

Crunchyroll is wrapping up what we can only call a very eventful year with a slate of four anime series that are all perfect for getting rid of any at-home winter blues.

All four shows, described below, are not only available to watch via Crunchyroll, but they’re also officially open for licensing opportunities outside of Asia. And, honestly, someone needs to make plush versions of ALL these characters ASAP.

The first two shows are TAMA of the 3rd District — Have You Seen My TAMA and Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God, both pictured above. TAMA follows the daily life of a cat named Tama and his fellow cat and dog friends. The Tama & Friends brand has been around since 1983! Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God is a new anime that takes viewers into the adorable world of ancient Egyptian deities, from Anubis to Thoth.

Source: Crunchyroll/the Pop Insider

The final two series are Nyampire and Anime Kapibarasan. Nyampire follows a small black kitten who is abandoned but then saved by a vampire who gives the kitten some of their blood. This causes the kitten to transform into a vampire hybrid itself, who still thirsts for blood despite his housecat life. In Kapibarasan, the titular character lives with his pals in a colorful, dreamy world — Midorino Grassland.

“Anime offers something for everyone; from action to romance, comedy to fantasy, slice of life and more,” says John Leonhardt, head of consumer products at Crunchyroll. “This latest slate of charming anime series would make a delightful addition to your portfolio of products across categories.”

All four series are available to stream now on Crunchyroll.