Source: Cryptozoic/the Pop Insider

It’s ALL fun and games over at Cryptozoic!

The company revealed on Friday that it will launch a The Dark Knight Returns board game via Kickstarter early next year. Designed by Daryl Andrews and Morgan Dontanville, the game is one of attrition. A single player dons the cowl to journey through this popular Batman story. It will be playable as stand-alone missions or as one epic playthrough where each mission’s results impact the next.

To get the latest info about the game and to one of the backers, fans can follow this Facebook page and sign up here for email updates.

Source: Cryptozoic

For those looking for a more immediate gaming experience, Cryptozoic and Hobby World also announced the release of Spyfest, a standalone spin-off game in Cryptozoic’s popular Spyfall series.

In the game, players split into two teams who are attending a super-spy convention. One player on each team is a spy disguised as a historical or fictional character, and that player must get their teammates to guess their identity by using subtle references to a keyword.

This detective party game will be available on Nov. 20 at retailers across the country for $25.