Source: Nissin Foods

For those looking to add some cuteness to their delicious dinner, Nissin Foods and Sanrio have you covered with new Cup Noodles x Hello Kitty and Top Ramen x Gudetama collaborations. 

The adorably delicious collection includes four shirts and sweatshirts featuring these iconic Sanrio characters enjoying Cup Noodles and Top Ramen. See Hello Kitty popping out from her Cup Noodles cup on a cozy pink sweatshirt or Gudetama floating lazily in his own bowl of Top Ramen (with all the fix-ins) on a bright yellow T-shirt.

Source: Nissin Foods

The apparel features witty sayings such as “which came first?” — referring to Gudetama or Top Ramen — and “dream come true,” which appears on a blue sweatshirt with half-shelled Gudetamas running down the sleeve. 

This cozy collaboration comes just in time for cold weather, when reaching for that Cup Noodles or Top Ramen seems like the perfect way to end a winter day. And who wouldn’t want these adorable Sanrio characters as dinner guests?

The entire collection is available now and can be purchased on the Nissin Fan Store.