RSVLTS is dropping three D23-exclusive shirts for each day of the convention. | Source: RSVLTS

Look, we know it can be hard to figure out what you’re wearing to a convention. But what if you just pick up an outfit at the show? 

If you’re planning on attending D23 Expo (Disney‘s three-day ultimate fan convention), RSVLTS — the apparel line known for its bright, licensed prints — has got you covered. The clothing company is releasing three different T-shirts for each day of the convention. 

The three officially licensed shirts all feature a food and beverage theme, with each offering a unique design on both a classic and a women’s RSVLTS button-down Kunuflex shirt. 

Inspired by Star Wars’ The Mandalorian, the “Grogu-Sized Snacks” print features Baby Yoda himself as Grogu enjoys a froggy feast on this light-blue button-up. The “Maximum Chimi” print is an ode to Marvel’s Deadpool and features Wade Wilson’s menacing mask poured over a very specific burrito-related food that he loves. Lastly, the “Trippy Tea” style showcases the trippy treats of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, which includes Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, and other characters guaranteed to make you smile. 

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Unfortunately for non-D23 goers, each shirt will only be available at the RSVLTS booth (Booth No. 2370) in the main hall of D23. On Friday, “Maximum Chimi” will drop, with “Trippy Tea” following on Saturday, and “Grogu-Sized Snacks” rounding out the weekend on Sunday. Happy shopping!