Source: Danielle Nicole/the Pop Insider

This year, Disney is celebrating 70 years of Cinderella, and Danielle Nicole is about to release three new bags inspired by the classic, animated fairy tale!

The bags are all set to release on next week, but we have some preview info and images to share, so you can go ahead and add these magical bags to your “to buy” list.

Source: Danielle Nicole

First, there is a die-cut, crossbody purse in the shape of Cinderella’s head, which will be available on Monday, Oct. 19, for $68. The bag features a winking Cinderella, accented by gemstones around her eyelashes and around her headband.

Next, on Wednesday, Oct. 21, fans can get an elegant Cinderella Satchel that is also $68. When the bag is closed, you can see embroidered bluebirds on the flap, with a Cinderella-inspired pattern on the body. There is also a Gus Gus tag hanging from the bag’s top handle. Then, if you open the flap, you’ll find images of Cinderella trying on the glass slipper with the phrase “A Dream is a wish your heart makes.”


Finally, Danielle Nicole will have a Cinderella Backpack available on Friday, Oct. 23. The bag is the iconic blue of Cinderella’s dress, and it is packed with classic imagery from the movie. The face of the bag features the clock as it strikes midnight, the front pocket is styled after the carriage, and the zipper pull is the glass slipper. This bag will cost $78.

All three bags will go live on throughout next week, joining the larger Danielle Nicole Disney collection, which features bags inspired by more than a dozen Disney movies!