Source: Danielle Nicole

I know you, I danced shopped with you once upon a dream!

This week, Danielle Nicole will release three new bags inspired by Disney’s classic, animated Sleeping Beauty. Each bag costs $68 and will drop at at 11 a.m. ET today (Sept. 14), Wednesday (Sept. 16), and Friday (Sept. 18).

The first bag is a Baroque Crossbody (pictured above, right), which is a bright red, book-shaped bag that features blue and gold floral accents, the image of a sleeping Aurora, and “Sleeping Beauty” written on a white banner.

Friday’s launch is a matching Baroque Bucket Bag (pictured above, left). It features the same bright red color and design elements, but with two strap lengths, a more spacious interior, and Aurora’s three fairy godmothers (Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather).

Source: Danielle Nicole

Wednesday’s mid-week release is another crossbody bag, but with a very different design. The Love Letter Crossbody has a flap designed to look like an envelope, with stamps that show a sleeping Aurora and Aurora and Prince Phillip when they meet in the forest. Under the flap, there is a larger image of Prince Phillip kissing Aurora to lift the curse and wake her.

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