Photo: Medium

Netflix‘s decision to nix Daredevil was shocking, but the latest revelation surrounding the cancelled series is sure to turn heads.

According to data from demand measurement platform Parrot Analytics, Daredevil was ranked fourth in the top five most popular Netflix shows as recently as last week. The the average demand expressions total for the series was 29,965,918, which trailed only NarcosChilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Stranger Things.

The streaming service may have given one superhero the boot, but it still plans to showcase two other superhero-centric series. The third season of Jessica Jones and the second season of The Punisher, for example, were already in production when Netflix started to cancel Daredevil. So for the moment, those shows are safe.

Only time will tell, but we’re willing to bet Daredevil will find a home somewhere else, with Disney+ being the most obvious candidate.

h/t Cinema Blend