Source: Cryptozoic Entertainment

DC Comics has a history spanning more than eight decades, and now comic book fans can collect some of that history with DC Duel Force, a new collectible card game that’s on the way from Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Officially licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and published by game developer and publisher YUKES, this new game will be available late next year. It will feature a new, single-player game experience in which fans can collect digital cards featuring fan-favorite characters from the DC Universe. Certain characters will be available at launch, but the catalog will expand to include all of the DC heroes and villains in future updates.

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The game will be free to play, and fans will be able to play their favorite comics and earn awards. There will be a new comic from the DC library released every week, too, for fans to play through. Over time, players will build up their decks and be able to team up their favorite characters, using strategy to take advantage of each hero’s strengths.

Some of the cards that will be available at launch | Source: Cryptozoic Entertainment/the Pop Insider

Some of the cards are available to preview already at, where fans can learn more about the game in general. These cards include “Leaders” (Batman, Harley Quinn, and Superman), “Minions” (Dr. Fate, Gorilla Grod, and Punchline), and “Actions” (Super Strength, Thin the Herd, and To the Batcave).

Check out the announcement trailer below to get a better sense of what this new, super gaming experience will offer!