Cover art from Candlekeep Mysteries | Source: Wizards of the Coast

There can never be too many twists and turns in a Dungeons & Dragons game! And with the new book Candlekeep Mysteries, dungeon masters can expand their play experience with quick one-shots, designed for characters of levels 1-16 and packed with character development, drama, and story hooks. 

Candlekeep Mysteries features 17 new mysteries written by various creators, each based on a different book in the iconic library fortress. Each stand-alone adventure begins with the discovery of a book, and each book is the key to a door — what will you find behind it?

These adventures can be played within an existing Forgotten Realms campaign or as one-shots in person or online. 

Candlekeep Mysteries launches on March 16, with cover art by Clint Cearley. There will also be a game-store-exclusive version of the book, featuring an alternate cover by Simen Meyer. For more information about Candlekeep Mysteries, visit