Source: New Zealand Mint

New Zealand Mint, responsible for all your geeky currency, dropped it’s latest coins today and they are explosive.

Following the success of its 2-ounce silver Death Star coin, New Zealand Mint has released both gold and silver versions in 1-ounce form. The Empire’s weapon is ready for action as it’s etched into the coin.

Each collectible arrives in a Star Wars-themed box with a Certificate of Authenticity and coin case. Fans of the Sith will have to act quickly. Coins are limited to 5,000 silver coins at $89 each and 500 gold coins for $2,900 a piece. For best results, keep the Death Star coin away from any known rebels or Jedis.

Star Wars fans can also check out more of the new coins from the New Zealand Mint. It recently launched a Guards of the Empire rectangular coin and a premium silver foil of The Last Jedi.