Death Star 1kg Silver Coin | Source: New Zealand Mint/the Pop Insider

In the iconic words of Han Solo, “Never seem to have a Death Star lying around when you one.” Well, until now!

The Empire’s ultimate weapon can fit into the palm of your hand with New Zealand Mint’s new, limited-edition recreation. The officially licensed Death Star 1kg Silver Coin is made with proof-quality pure silver and arrives in a sturdy coin case, packaged within a Star Wars-themed outer box.

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The Death Star 1kg Silver Coin includes an additional acrylic display case and white gloves that collectors can use to carefully handle and arrange the piece. The certificate of authenticity also features an exclusive serial number, to make the Death Star uniquely yours.

The force may be strong with this 3D Coin, but so is the price. The Death Star 1kg Silver Coin retails for $3,650, with 50 for sale on right now (the total mintage is 299 pieces). If you’re looking to purchase this collectible piece, we hope you’ve saved your credits!