This 6-inch Mini Bust is available for preorder now! | Source: Diamond Select Toys/the Pop Insider

Harness the power of electricity this fall — without destroying a sanitation truck — with the return of the Doctor Doom Mini Bust from Diamond Comics!

Diamond Comics is celebrating its 40th anniversary by reviving the iconic Marvel Mini Bust line with a refreshed version of the Dr. Doom Mini Bust. This collectible features Latverian monarch Victor Von Doom wearing his signature white robe from the Marvel crossover Secret Wars. It also features a new color scheme. Designed by Nelson Asencio and sculpted by Juan Pitluck, this Mini Bust is around 6 inches tall and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Secret Wars is based on a series of events in which Marvel’s reality is warped, most of the beloved Marvel characters’ stories have been shifted dramatically, and a multiversal secret war is inevitable. Marvel fans who have been paying close attention to details in the latest films won’t be surprised to know about rumors circulating a phase five plan to bring the Secret Wars as the next installment in the Avengers films. Some Marvel fans even anticipate a release date for the film in May of 2024, based on industry rumors.

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While rumors are flowing around the Secret Wars film, fans can still connect with the infamous villain Dr. Doom with this collectible Mini Bust. The Dr. Doom Mini Bust is returning as an anniversary exclusive and is limited to only 1,000 pieces. Fans of the Fantastic Four foe can preorder the Mini Bust here, it is expected to ship out this fall.