Diamond Select Toys Uncharted and Pacific Rim Figures | Source: Diamond Select Toys/the Pop Insider

Diamond Select Toys’ batch of collectibles for this fall stretches across many worlds to encompass something for every collector. This week, the company gave fans a first look at a variety of Star Wars, Marvel, Power Rangers, Uncharted, Pacific Rim, and The Nightmare Before Christmas figures, which are available for preorder on the Diamond Select or Gentle Giant websites. 

To start, it is time for a return to Pacific Rim. Diamond Select Toys is bringing back its Pacific Rim Uprising Deluxe Action figures, which recreate the new generation of Jaeger mechs that were introduced in this 2018 sci-fi film. . The collection includes Obsidian Fury, Bracer Phoenix, Titan Redeemer, Guardian Bravo, Gipsy Avenger, Saber Athena, Valor Omega, November Ajax, and the Jaeger Drone. These 6.5-8.5 inch figures feature realistic mechanical details and up to 16 points of articulation. Each mech figure is available for preorder on the Diamond Select Toys website for $29.99. 

Diamond Select is also entering uncharted territory. The Uncharted Deluxe Nathan Drake Action Figure features the treasure hunter in his on-screen likeness (actor Tom Holland) from the new movie adaptation of this video game franchise. This 7-inch figure includes 16 points of articulation with interchangeable parts and accessories. Fans can add some adventure to their shelves by preordering Nathan for $24.99 on the Diamond Select Toys website

Megazord and Dragonzord Figures | Source: Diamond Select Toys

The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Vinimates Vinyl Figures bring together two of the most powerful Zords: Megazord and Dragonzord. These 4-inch figures include poseable limbs and Megazord comes with his own removable sword. This mighty figure 2-pack is available for preorder on the Diamond Select Toys website for $24.99. 

The new Nightmare Before Christmas Figures | Source: Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select is delivering Halloween (and Christmas!) a bit early with The Nightmare Before Christmas Best of Action Figures Series 3 Assortment. The company’s newest spooky figures from the world of Tim Burton feature Oogie Boogie, Santa Jack, and Zero. Each figure also comes with an interactive element: Zero includes an articulated flight base, Santa Jack features multiple points of articulation, and Oogie Boogie’s unsettling face is entirely removable. This set of holiday collectibles is available for preorder on the Diamond Select Toys website for $74.97 or $24.99 each. 

Of course, what would a Diamond Select Toys preview be without new Marvel merch? The Marvel Select Classic Vision Action Figure adds one of the Avengers’ most dependable members to the Marvel Select line. The 7-inch Vision figure includes interchangeable parts and almost 16 points of articulation. Another addition to the Marvel Select line is the 7-inch Marvel Select Venom Action Figure, which features Spider-Man’s symbiotic foe with almost a dozen interchangeable parts and 16 points of articulation. The Venom figure includes a back attachment to give him an additional set of arms and a plethora of heads. These Marvel Select figures are both available for preorder on the Diamond Select Toys website for $29.99 each.

Diamond Select Toys is also expanding its line of Marvel dioramas. The electrifying, 10-inch Marvel Comic Gallery Beta Ray Bill PVC Diorama features Beta Ray Bill leaping into battle with Stormbreaker at the ready. Elsewhere in the Multiverse, Doctor Stephen Strange has portaled into his own diorama. The 10-inch Marvel Movie Gallery Dr Strange 2 PVC Diorama, inspired by the upcoming movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, features the sorcerer in swirling orange energy with his iconic cape flapping behind him. These marvelous dioramas are available for preorder on the Diamond Select Toys website for $49.99 each. 

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The Winter Soldier is defrosting just in time for preorder. The 4-inch Marvel Animated Style Winter Soldier Statue features a sprinting Bucky Barnes atop a black pedestal. This resin figure is the latest collectible in the Diamond Select Toys’ series, which offers figures inspired by Skottie Young’s ​​Young Marvel variant covers.  Only 3,000 of these limited-edition Winter Soldiers are available, so preorder quickly from the Gentle Giant website for $49.99. 

There is a new hope for that empty space on your shelf, and that’s the Star Wars A New Hope Tusken Raider Legends in 3D 1:2-Scale Bust. This 10-inch bust depicts a Tusken raider in his traditional garb, with a rifle slung across his back and on a base inspired by the gaderffii stick. This bust is limited to 1,000 pieces and is available to preorder from the Gentle Giant Ltd. website for $200.

Following the success of The Mandalorian, Gentle Giant is introducing more lifelike statues to its Star Wars offerings. The Star Wars Bo-Katan Kryze 1:6-Scale Milestones Statue depicts the Mandalorian freedom fighter with her helmet and gun at the ready. And what’s a Mandalorian without a force-sensitive child to protect? The Star Wars The Mandalorian Seeing Stone Grogu 1:6-Scale Milestones Status features Grogu (The Child) atop a jedi seeing stone with writing that lights up. This 8-inch statue includes interchangeable heads to make Grogu’s eyes open and shut. These Star Wars figures are limited to only 1,000 pieces each and are available on the Gentle Giant website for $250. 

All of these fall collectible figures are available now for preorder on the Diamond Select or Gentle Giant websites, so start filling up those empty shelves!