Source: Digitas

Today is Women’s Equality Day, which makes it the perfect launch date for a new esports platform specifically dedicated to championing opportunities and education for females in gaming.

Called _FE, this platform is an initiative from Dignitas, the esports vertical of New Meta Entertainment (NME). The purpose of this new platform is to provide educational, social, and competitive resources for female gamers and content creators, from beginners to professionals.

This is an important resource for the esports community because, while a 2019 Newzoo study found that women make up 46% of the gaming industry, 71% of respondents in a poll from say women aren’t represented enough in esports and gaming.

Over the next 3 months, _FE will kick off a variety of events and resources to support its mission, including:

  • Industry town halls addressing significant matters affecting females in gaming;
  • A community website devoted to housing relevant female gaming content;
  • Virtual education seminars for aspiring professional female gamers and streamers;
  • Female and co-ed competitions;
  • An online social community (via Discord);
  • A female-focused, gaming-centric clothing line;
  • Live events at Dignitas’ headquarters in Los Angeles and New York City.


Dignitas’ Vice President of Talent Heather “sapphiRe” Garozzo is leading this initiative. A champion esports player herself, Garozzo has nearly 20 years of experience in competitive esports gaming, broadcasting, marketing, and talent management. She’s also the only female in the Esports Insider Esports Hall of Fame.

“Despite a significant increase in female gamers, streamers, and fans, there is still a lack of representation in media, on live streams, and in competition,” she says. “Through our _FE platform, we look forward to building a diverse community of passionate female gamers, and providing educational resources both for casual and competitive gamers and streamers to broaden their reach and expand their brand.”

Garozzo is joined by other leaders in the esports space in championing this new platform, including (but not limited to!)  Dignitas’ female dual CS:GO and Valorant team captain Emmalee “EMUHLEET” Garrido and content creators such as Herculyse and Carolyn “artStar” Noquez.

The platform’s first official event, a virtual panel featuring female executives, athletes, and creators, will take place on Sept. 30. Those who are interested in attending (and keeping up with all _FE news and updates) should join and follow @DIG_FE on Twitter.