Steve Aoki wearing some of the new Harry Potter shirts | Source: Dim Mak

Dim Mak — the lifestyle brand founded by Steve Aoki — has released apparel collections featuring a wide array of pop culture faves, ranging from Marvel to a variety of anime properties and even the Power Puff Girls. Now, the brand is getting a bit more magical with an official Wizarding World collection.

The new collection, which dropped on Black Friday, includes 10 shirts and hoodies featuring original, Harry Potter-inspired artwork. The character and Hogwarts house illustrations on these pieces all have an anime-influenced visual style.

The available designs start with a short-sleeved T-shirt ($38) that is available in both black and dark green. The front depicts Harry Potter in profile, while the back has an illustration of the iconic trio that is Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Another short-sleeved option in the collection is the Dobby Tee ($38), which is black and features everyone’s favorite free elf on the front, mid-snap.

Those who want to stay in the realm of magical creatures can also snag a Hungarian Horntail Hoodie hoodie ($75) in either burgundy or black. The front of this hoodie has the Wizarding World and Dim Mak logos, while the back shows the fearsome dragon in flight.

The collection doesn’t offer something for every Hogwarts house, but there are Slytherin and Gryffindor pieces available. The Gryffindor Tee ($38) has a lion and the house name on the front, complemented by a Golden Snitch and the phrase “I open at the close” on the back. For Slytherins, there is a long-sleeved T-shirt ($45) with a serpent on the front and the infamous Dark Mark on the back.

The final two designs in this collection highlight some beloved Slytherins from the Wizarding World. Fans can get a Harry and Malfoy Tee ($38) or hoodie ($75), which depict the teen rivals on the front and a larger illustration of Harry on the back. Finally, there is a Snape long-sleeved shirt ($45) that has a stylized image of the potions master on the back.

All of these tops are available to shop now at the links below!