New key art for ‘Disney Mirrorverse’ | Source: Kabam

The wait is (almost) over, Disney fans. Soon, you’ll be able to hop around the Disney universe in 3D awesomeness with Disney Mirrorverse, an upcoming action RPG mobile game developed by Kabam. 

In this new game, players enter a new divergent universe in a setting distinct from that of the typical Disney and Pixar films. Players battle in worlds where both dark and light magic influence the lands, using evolved versions of iconic Disney and Pixar characters to fight against the Fractured, a looming threat to the universe. Mirroverse, which will finally debut on June 23, features real-time action combat with a team of Mirrorverse Guardians (Disney and Pixar characters) who players can control and guide individually. Additionally, players can create team strategies and special attacks or watch them play out on auto-play, which automatically sets the actions for the team. 

There will be several quests and experiences built into the game, too. Players can unlock new storylines and battles to win rewards and restore magic in the universe. Gamers can play in story mode, which immerses you in an original storyline of quests, including the story of the Mirrorverse and the Ages of Isolation, Discovery, and the Fractured. Quests will be updated every few months for added play value. 

Players will also be able to take part in limited-time quests that use real-world Disney and Pixar- inspired content to offer new characters, awards, and progression items. Additionally, players can go on missions in which they join an alliance and work together to complete event milestones and earn rewards based on rank by competing against other Alliances. 

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This is the most information fans have gotten about this mobile game, which was originally announced more than a year ago. McFarlane Toys has already produced two waves of collectible figures inspired by the game, featuring characters including Sully, Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, and Jack Sparrow in the Mirror Guardians form. There are both 5- and 7-inch figures available to shop now. 

Fans can pre-register for the game now at, then start counting down the days until June 23!