These Disney Princess candles feature royal scents. | Source: Toynk

A new candle collection from Toynk is fit for a princess.

Seven tea candles are each designed to represent different Disney princesses, with scents that inspire an adventure (and cover up the smell of the food you just burned). The candles are each decorated with images unique to the princess with a vintage twist.

The ocean may have chosen Moana, but you can choose the tropical-scented candle that’s inspired by her and the island of Motunui. It features a fearless scent of passionfruit, coconut, and lime. You can also dive under the sea with the Ariel candle. It has splashes of mandarin, melon, and lychee.

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If you’d rather be curled up with a good book, the Belle-inspired candle is a beauty and exudes the scent of heart of rose and honey. For those looking to escape to a party, the Cinderella-themed candle will cover up the scent of sweaty glass slippers after a night out. It’s based on the king’s castle and has notes of white apple and iris.

Her name is Mulan and she smells wonderful! The Imperial Palace-inspired candle is worth fighting for with scents of jasmine tea and honeysuckle. The Tiana candle is the best thing we never knew we needed. It has a water lily aroma with notes of southern magnolia and cucumber. A whole new world is afoot with the Jasmine candle, which includes scents of white jasmine, blue rose, and dahlia.

These candles make a royal addition to any castle with 28-hour burn times.