The new additions to Build-A-Bear’s Doctor Who collection | Source: Build-A-Bear

We may not know when Doctor Who is coming back, but we can fill that Dalek-shaped void in our hearts with Build-A-Bear’s latest additions to its collaboration with BBC.

Last year, Build-A-Bear launched the collection with a Doctor Who Bear (complete with two hearts!), along with the Thirteenth and Tenth Doctor’s costumes. This year, it’s continuing to grow with the Dalek Plush, the Eleventh Doctor Costume & Sonic Screwdriver Set, and the Tenth Doctor Costume & Sonic Screwdriver Set.


I am not entirely convinced that the picture above doesn’t feature David Tennant. The bear version of his iconic Tenth Doctor costume features a brown suit, a coat, glasses, and sneakers. The Eleventh Doctor’s look is complete with red suspenders, a red bowtie, and a fez (because we all know fezzes are cool). Each comes with a sonic screwdriver, which plays sounds when you press it and wraps around the bear’s wrist so it stays secure on all time-traveling adventures.

As for the plush Dalek, if the evil creatures in the show were as soft and cuddly as their Build-A-Bear counterparts, we might just be fine with them taking over the world.

The Build-A-Bear Doctor Who collection is available exclusively from Build-A-Bear’s website. And, yes, you can take the bears home in their very own Tardis (it’s bigger on the inside).