Source: PHD Games/ the Pop Insider

We can’t stop staring at the latest Doctor Who boardgame (no, really, we can’t).

According to a product listing from game distributor PHD Games, Don’t Blink is a new board game from Gale Force Nine in which players try to avoid being zapped into another time. The TARDIS has crashed into a spaceship full of Weeping Angels (you know, the terrifying reason Doctor Who fans can never look at statues without feeling a bit uneasy) and players need to fix it before they’re doomed to the past.

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In the game, up to four players act as the 11th Doctor and his companions as they attempt to collect the parts needed to repair the TARDIS and get away. One player — whoever you find the most spooky — takes on the role of the Weeping Angels in order to outwit and capture everyone else.

Time might just be a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff but you can expect this game to take about 30 minutes to play. Keep your eyes wide open for it to hit shelves this spring.