Marvel Doctor Strange Replica Set | Source: Zavvi/the Pop Insider

Get ready to protect the multiverse with a highly detailed recreation of Doctor Strange’s signature accessories.

Salesone’s new and exclusive, limited-edition prop replica set will feature the Sorcerer Supreme’s most iconic items, as seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Available exclusively from Zavvi, this officially licensed collection includes four collectible items, straight from the screen.

The Eye of Agamotto, the most timeless necklace in the universe, is the set’s centerpiece. The wearable piece also features a green light to add the effect of guarding the Time Stone. The set also includes a two-fingered sling ring (perfect for opening portals to other dimensions) and a set of pins just like the ones Strange wears with his cloak of levitation.

Marvel Doctor Strange Replica Set | Source: Zavvi

These pieces come inside a black-and-gold box with a golden Eye of Agamotto printed on the front. Each box will be marked with an individual number, as each set is one of only 7,000. Inside, there is a certificate of authenticity that collectors can display with the set, spaces to display each of the replica items, and the Marvel Studios and Infinity Saga logos.

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The replica set is perfect for any cosplayer looking to add some extra authenticity to their look, or for an avid Marvel collector who wants a display-worthy set.

The Marvel Doctor Strange Replica Set costs $89.99 and will be available to pre-order tomorrow, March 26, at 8 a.m. ET on Zavvi’s website. Grab yours while waiting for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to sling ring onto our screens exactly one year from today!