Dracula Monster High Skullector Doll | Source: Mattel/the Pop Insider

We all know that high school can be a hellish place, but Monster High takes it to a whole new level with the latest Skullector Doll.

Dracula is joining the ghoulish gang known as the Monster High Skullector series in a collaboration between Mattel and Universal Pictures. The Mattel Creations designers paid homage to one of the original Universal Monsters and the 1931 horror film Dracula with the iconic vampire’s red-lined, black cape; medallion; and black tuxedo. Of course, this vampire also has some Monster High flair with stylish details such as sharp fangs peeking out over glossy, red lips; blood-red eyes lined with voluminous lashes; long, silky black hair with a bat-themed headdress; and black-and-red platforms with coffin heels that open to reveal a sleeping Dracula.

Check out these ghoulishly glamorous details. | Source: Mattel/the Pop Insider

The limited-edition doll comes with a display stand, a bat (plus, another smaller display stand for the bat), and a candle that fits in the doll’s hand. The themed display box opens into a vampy lair with details like cobwebs, bats, a full moon outside the window, and phrases etched into the wall and hanging from the archway that say, “I am Dracula. I bid you welcome,” and “The spider is spinning his web for the unwary fly.” 

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The Dracula Monster High Skullector Doll will launch on Mattel Creations at noon ET on June 3 for $65, and will likely sell out instantly if the previous Monster High Skullector collections featuring Beetlejuice and Lydia, Pennywise, the Grady Twins from The Shining, and Greta Gremlin were any indication.

Vampires come and go, but Dracula is forever.