All of the Dragon Ball Z Swatch styles | Source: Swatch

What time is it? Anime time — Literally!

Swiss watch-matcher Swatch has partnered with Toei Animation for a new collection of Dragon Ball Z Swatches. The main collection includes seven different styles, each inspired by a Dragon Ball Z character: Goku, Cell, Frieza, Majin Buu, Gohan, Vegeta, and Master Roshi.

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Each timepiece incorporates the respective character’s main color scheme, with their name written on one of the free loops that secure the watchband. Each style is packed with fun character details, too. The Gohan Swatch, for example, has “Ka-me-ha-me-haaaa” written around the watch face. The Kamesennin design, meanwhile, has the martial arts master’s face on the dial, while the band design is inspired by his Aloha shirt.

The Shenron Swatch | Source: Swatch

These seven styles are available to shop starting today, Aug. 25, at Swatch stores and at the link below. There will also be a limited-edition Shenron-inspired Swatch, available starting in October. The standalone watch for this character features the dragon’s claw on its face, along with seven Dragon Balls. There will also be an even more limited-edition Shenron Box set that will be available only as 997 individually numbered pieces. This box includes a special version of the Shenron Swatch with a gold-colored crown, loop, and buckle. The box set also includes seven Dragon Balls that contain the main Swatch x Dragon Ball Z collection.