A still from ‘Dark Alliance’ | Source: Wizards of the Coast

It’s been a while since the last Dungeons & Dragons game. Three years, for those keeping track. (Sure, Baldur’s Gate III counts, but its full release date is still TBD.)

Don’t fret, because Dungeons & Dragons is coming back this summer with its wickedly epic new video game, Dark Alliance!

This action-packed, co-op roleplay title — brought to fans by Wizards of the Coast and Tuque Games — builds upon the lore of the Forgotten Realms. It features real-time combat and a dynamic gameplay experience for dungeon masters to get lost in. Players join the infamous Drizzt Do’Urden, alongside Catti-brie, Bruenor, and Wulfgar, in a fight against iconic grizzly beasts from Dungeons & Dragons.

It’s up to this mystical group to venture through the frozen tundra of Icewind Dale in search of the Crystal Shard. Players must combat and defeat fiends from Frost Giants to White Dragons in order to prevent the Shard from falling into dubious hands. The fate of the Forbidden Realms is on the line.

Dark Alliance launches on June 22 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Fans can preorder the Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition now at darkalliance.com for $39.99 and $59.99, respectively. The Standard Edition offers an exclusive Beholder weapon set, through which characters can wield a Beholder-themed scimitar, bow, axe, or hammer. The Digital Deluxe Edition features the Beholder weapon set alongside a Lich weapon set and Echoes of the Blood War expansion content.

‘Dark Alliance’ Steelbook Edition contents | Source: Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast will also offer a retail-exclusive Steelbook edition of Dark Alliance for $59.99. It includes a Steelbook case, a printed art book, a downloadable Dungeons & Dragons soundtrack, Beholder and Lich weapon sets, and the Echoes of the Blood War expansion. Players who purchase Dark Alliance on PlayStation 4 will receive a free digital download code to upgrade to the PlayStation 5, and vice versa.

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Keep up with news about the Steelbook edition’s drop here, and be on the lookout for updates!