In the midst of this global health crisis, many companies and celebrities are stepping up, using their resources and influence to help those impacted by the pandemic and support the medical community.

One of those celebrities is Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke, who is working through her charity, Same You, to create a COVID-19 emergency response fund. Donations through this fundraising campaign will fund at-home care for those who have suffered a brain injury or stroke, in an effort to free more hospital beds for those with COVID-19.

To help incentivize donations, Khaleesi herself is hosting a dinner party for 12 lucky, randomly selected donors (via livestream, of course). For a chance to be part of the dinner party, you must donate any amount of money by April 9, and the gift cannot be anonymous. Visit this fundraising link to learn more about SameYou’s efforts and to donate.

Photo: SameYou