The Emily in Paris tea collection can be bought individually or in a fancy box set! | Source: Vahdam

The only thing fancier than life in Paris is tea, which is why Vahdam is dropping a new line of tea for you to sip on while you binge watch season 3 of Emily in Paris on Netflix!

There are four different flavors of tea in this collection, all inspired by Emily Cooper’s chic life in Paris. The first is called La Vie En Rose, which is a floral tea with rose petals, cranberry, beetroot candy, and pomegranate. The Ingénue Violet tea is an herbal blend with hibiscus, lavender, blue pea, and blue cornflower. Next is the Voila! Vanilla tea, which is as sweet as it sounds with natural vanilla, cocoa nibs, and candy with flower herbs. Finally, Le French Earl Grey blends traditional Indian Earl Grey with blue cornflower and bergamot.

You can buy a tin of each tea individually for $19.99 or get all four in a gift set for $79.99. The set looks just like a suitcase ready to hang from your arm as you step off the plane for your new life in Paris! For another $20, you can also add a matching tumbler to the gift set. It is dark green with the Eiffel Tower on the front.

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Even if you’re not adjusting to a new life in France, Vahdam’s new Emily in Paris collection will make you feel like a real Parisian. This super-chic tea is available to shop now at the links below and the new season of Emily in Paris debuts today, Dec. 21, on Netflix.