Get ready: HBO Max is adding a four-episode Adventure Time reboot to its lineup.

“The addition of these specials to the HBO Max kids and family programming lineup is sure to make kids everywhere say ‘Slam-bam-in-a-can,” said Head of Original Content Sara Aubrey in a statement.

Nice try, HBO, but let’s be honest: Way more adults will be watching.

Each hour-long episode will fall under the name Adventure Time: Distant Lands. The first two episodes will premiere next year, with the following episodes TBA at a later date. Jake and Finn won’t reunite until the last episode, but all of our beloved characters will be back. 

According to Hollywood Insider:

In “BMO,” when there is a deadly space emergency, there is only one lovable robot that can save the day. “Obsidian” will continue with Princess Bubblegum and Marceline’s journey. They are going to travel — through the kingdom and their memories — to Glass Mountain in order to prevent a catastrophe from occurring. 

The two episodes that don’t have dates yet are probably the ones to keep an eye on. “Wizard City” will show Peppermint Butler starting over as a student at a wizard school. Will he keep up with the dark magic or is he a new man (candy?)? In “Together Again” Finn and Jake, well, will be together again. No word on what they’ll be embarking on but it is being described as an “adventure of a lifetime.”

Adventure Time began in 2010 and ended last September after 10 seasons. The lively characters, often meaningful quotes, and hilarious situations made it popular with fans of any age. Will the new episodes do it justice?

H/T Variety

Photo: Cartoon Network