In March, Critical Role set a $750,000 Kickstarter goal to bring its Dungeons & Dragons campaign to life with an animated series produced by Titmouse. According to Variety, they reached their goal within hours. Clearly, the more than $11.3 million raised from almost 90,000 backers paid off (pun def intended): This week Amazon Prime picked the show up for two 12-episode seasons  — 14 more than planned.

Critical Role, whose member voices you’ve probably heard on shows including Ben 10! and Avengers Assemble, formed in 2015 to play Dungeons and Dragons live on Twitch. The group wanted to fill what they saw as a void of shows based on role-playing games, so they created something that could be a “bitchin’ high-quality, fantasy cartoon.”

The Legend of Vox Machina is based on Critical Role’s first Twitch campaign. The series will start before the campaign kicked off and take on the group’s favorite moments. The seven-member group will have to save their realm from evil, forging a family bond along the way. Kickstarter funders wondering where in the world their perks are don’t have to worry. They are expected to ship in May.

The show doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but the first season is expected on Prime by next fall. 

Watch the trailer below.

Photo: Critical Role