Page-turning adventures set on the island of Catan? We’re here for it.

Asmodee, the publisher behind major board games including Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and Legend of the Five Rings, is launching a fiction imprint called Aconyte.

The worlds from these popular games will expand from the board to the page starting next summer when the imprint produces novels based on different Asmodee properties (and possibly other tie-in properties).

Once the first book hits shelves and e-readers, the company plans on a monthly publication schedule (that means lots of novels!).

According to the Aconyte site, the novels will run about 80,000 to 86,000 words.

If you’re an established writer who loves Asmodee, Aconyte wants to hear from you. The imprint is actively looking for authors to produce these novels and provides submission guidelines on its website.

Photo: Aconyte