Avengers 4 isn’t set for release until May of next year—but that doesn’t mean fan speculation hasn’t begun. With new rumors circulating every single week, comics fans are taking their best guesses at what the film will provide.

First, Emma Fuhrmann was cast as an older Cassie Lang (Ant-Man‘s daughter), and fans argued that she could appear as her size-altering identity, Stature. And just yesterday, it was announced that 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford jumped aboard in a mystery role. For many, the hope is that Langford will play the Marvel character Kate Bishop, who picks up the mantle of Hawkeye in the 2005 run of Young Avengers.

But the Marvel excitement doesn’t stop there. Just when you thought Avengers 4 couldn’t be more star-studded, a previous character from Doctor Strange is set to make a return.

According to executive producer Michael Grillo, Tilda Swinton will return as the Ancient One in the epic sequel, despite dying in Doctor Strange. “When we got Tilda Swinton, she was just a one-day availability,” Grillo said. If that is the case, then we probably can’t expect much more than a cameo in the upcoming flick. Frank Grillo also confirmed last week that Crossbones will make an appearance, but clarified that it’s only in a flashback.

This past weekend, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige revealed that we can expect an Avengers 4 trailer before the end of the year.

I am not ready.

h/t Hypebeast