Photo: Disney/Marvel Studios

Everyone loves a villain, and Black Panther’s villain is getting his own solo comic for the first time. Marvel announced plans for the Killmonger comic, featuring Erik Killmonger, the baddie made famous by Michael B. Jordan on the big screen.

The comic will hit stores on December 5 as a five-part miniseries written by Brian Edward Hill (Detective Comics) and illustrated by Juan Ferreyra (Green Arrow). It will explore the tragic story of Killmonger, the warrior from Wakanda who was born in N’Jadaka and exiled to the U.S, changing him from a genius with a chip on his shoulder to a full-on super villain.

In an interview with Vulture, comic writer Brian Edward Hill explained how the project came together. “I wanted to explore the choices and the failures that lead a person to dedicate their life to revenge, and how that happens. Because with Erik, I feel like it’s really a tragedy,” Hill said. “It doesn’t read hero and villain to me as much as, the world failed. So I wanted to explore it from that context, and I wanted to explore the thoughts and the feelings of a person exiled from his homeland, from his belief system, who’s using revenge as a guiding light.”

Killmonger isn’t the only Black Panther character starring in a comic following the success of the movie. T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, is also getting her own comic this year, from writer Nnedi Okorafor and illustrator Leonardo Romero.