Last night, football fans tuned in to ESPN to see Clemson and LSU face off, but they also got to see another duo go head to head in new special-look footage from Marvel’s forthcoming Black Widow movie.

This 1-minute and 30-second TV spot includes some of the same content as last month’s official teaser trailer, but it adds one very important character to the mix: Taskmaster. This Marvel villain, who debuted in Marvel Comics back in 1980, is set to be this movie’s big bad.

A very mysterious person, Taskmaster carries a shield and is able to mimic any opponent’s physical movements. Fans get a brief glimpse of this mirroring action in the new footage when he and Black Widow perform identical rolls and land facing each other.

Black Widow isn’t the only Marvel project this year to get Taskmaster’s sinister touch. He is also set to appear in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game.

Check out the new TV spot below, and catch Black Widow in theaters this May!

Photo: Marvel Studios