As Captain Marvel flies into theaters next month, fans are getting an introduction to some of the new characters, including Goose the cat. He’s already made appearances in the second trailer and a poster for the Marvel film.

“Goose is played by a team of four cats who all have their own specialty,” Executive Producer Jonathan Schwartz says in an interview with D23, the Official Disney Fan Club. “There’s Reggie, there’s Archie, there’s Rizzo, and there’s Gonzo. They’re an A-team of cats who can all do one trick — because you can’t teach cats to do that much.”

One of them was used for the face close-ups, one of them was used for holding, another was the nuzzling cat, and the fourth was the cat used to paw people.

Lashana Lynch, who plays Carol Danvers’ fighter pilot friend Maria Rambeau, says that fans can expect some surprising things from Goose. “It’s a cat, but a mysterious cat,” Rambeau tells D23. “The cat does things that we didn’t expect for it to do.”

Photo: Marvel Studios