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The Vision and Scarlet Witch, Marvel Studios‘ first Disney+ series, found its writer and showrunner. Jac Schaeffer, one of the writers behind Marvel’s Captain Marvel, is set to write the series’ pilot and executive produce.

Marvel usually keeps upcoming superhero details under wraps, but we do know they’re working on a few series that will debut on the Disney+ platform. Additional series will focus on Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) and a team-up between Falcon (played by Anthony Mackie) and Winter Soldier (played by Sebastian Stan).

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen will reprise their roles as Vision and Scarlett Witch, respectively.

While the two characters are far from alike (one is a synthezoid and the other is a sorcerer), they do share a unique bond. In addition to their on-screen romance, the pair also have had a relationship in the comics. In fact, the two were once married with kids. Unfortunately, this was nothing more than figments of their imagination.

In addition to working on Captain Marvel, Schaeffer also wrote the screenplay for Black Widow, an upcoming film that will center on Scarlett Johansson’s character.

h/t The Hollywood Reporter