Child’s Play is getting a modern remake thanks to Orion Pictures and Norwegian director Lars Klevberg—and the Chucky doll is even more horrifying now than it was 30 years ago.

Child’s Play tells the story of a mother who gives her son a toy doll for his birthday, unaware that the doll is alive and trying to kill people. In the remake, Chucky is referred to as a BUDDI doll instead of the original version’s Good Guys doll.

Chucky’s 2018 makeover includes a mixture of on-set puppet work and digital FX enhancements in a partnership between MGM and the character FX studio MastersFX. The film will feature seven practical animatronic puppets, each with interchangeable arms and heads that perform a range of required actions on set. The MastersFX team, led by ace puppeteer Keith Arbuthnot, along with Mike Fields, Jason Ward, and Josh Raymond, each controlled a different part of the doll.

MastersFX working on the animatronics for Orion Pictures’ Child’s Play.
Photo Credit: Eric Milner/Orion Pictures

Directed by Kleverg and written by Tyler Burton Smith, the film stars Aubrey Plaza as Karen, Brian Tyree Henry as Mikem, and Gabriel Bateman as Andy. Child’s Play is produced by Katzenberg and Grahame-Smith under their KatzSmith Productions banner, with Aaron Schmidt and Chris Ferguson executive producing. Orion Pictures will release Child’s Play in theaters nationwide on June 21, 2019.