Comic book lovers and action story junkies have a new series to check out.

Dan Watters (Sandman Universe: Lucifer, Limbo) has teamed up with artist Dani (2000AD, Girl with No Name) to release the new action comic book series called Coffin Bound.

The grindhouse-style epic follows Izzy Tyburn, who is on the run from an unstoppable killer called the Eartheater — a real looker. The badass protagonist embarks on a road trip to survive, taking down anyone who gets in her way.

Coffin Unbound Eartheater

“This is a book all about the inevitability of death, and the choice each of us faces between coming to terms with it, or trying to deny it,” Watters says in a statement. “This is a book drawn beautifully by Dani, with Brad Simpsons’ filthy bright colors. This is a book about cars, guns, and sex — and how each of those things does little to stave off the bottomless void waiting just beyond the veil of our known existence. What was the question again?”

Image Comics is gearing up to launch the action-packed Coffin Bound series this August. It will follow the release of the comic book adaptation of Space Bandits on Wednesday, July 3. Artist Matteo Scalera is illustrating the female-led, sci-fi story written by comic book writer Mark Millar. Millar is also writing the script for the series’ upcoming original show on Netflix.

Photos: Image Comics