Luke Wilson will join the DC Universe this August as superhero Pat Dugan in the upcoming Stargirl series.

Stargirl co-creator and showrunner Geoff Johns explained that he wrote the role for Wilson.

“When I first moved to Los Angeles in 1996 and saw Bottle Rocket, I became a huge fan and admirer of Luke’s,” Johns said. “And I literally wrote this part for Luke, hoping that someday and somehow he’d play Pat Dugan. I only envisioned him. And now, I feel like I won the lottery! Luke’s talent, humor, compassion—his presence and professionalism—and his creative collaboration, his ideas—we’re so lucky to have him alongside Brec in Stargirl.”

Actress Bec Bassinger from Nickelodeon’s Bella & the Bulldogs leads the cast. Meanwhile, Lou Ferrigno, Jr. portrays Rex Tyler/Hourman, and Brian Stapf portrays Ted Grant/Wildcat.

DC Universe tapped Henry Thomas (The Haunting of Hill House, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial) to play Charles McNider/Doctor Mid-Nite. Joel McHale (The SoupCommunity) joined the cast in December to play Starman in the live-action show, while Anjelika Washington is playing an undisclosed role.

Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns, Sarah Schechter, and Melissa Carter are executive producing Stargirl. Berlanti Productions and Mad Ghost Productions teamed up with Warner Bros. to produce the show.

Wilson’s character Pat Dugan built and pilots his 15-foot robot Stripe in the comic by Johns and Lee Moder. Johns created the superhero epic in the late 1990s to tell the story of Courtney Elizabeth Whitmore. The Los Angeles local is forced to relocate to the Midwest after her mother remarries.

Courtney discovers her stepfather’s secret past as superhero sidekick Star-Spangled Kid. She originally assumes Star-Spangled Kid’s identity, but later becomes Stargirl and takes Starman’s cosmic staff. Stargirl also joins the Justice Society of America alongside founding member Doctor Mid-Nite.

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Photo: The Hollywood Reporter