Disney+‘s arrival date keeps inching closer and closer and we are so ready for all of the content we’ll be able to stream from the get-go, including a full lineup of new and classic Pixar content. Seriously, I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Earlier today, Disney shared a first look on social media of all the new Pixar programs. Take a look at these new trailers below.


Pixar Animation Studios will unveil a collection of short films featuring new storytellers and exploring various storytelling techniques.

Pixar IRL

This short-form series will explore how Pixar characters are brought to life — surprising real people on location and viewers at home.

Forky Asks A Question

Everyone’s favorite trash-turned-crafty-masterpiece from Toy Story 4 has a lot of questions for the world, like “what is love?” and “what is time?” In this collection of 10 shorts, Forky explains these important life questions — and more.

Fan-Favorite Films 

These new titles will also join Disney+’s library of acclaimed and beloved films — including Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and Inside Out — once the platform launches on Nov. 12.

Photo: Disney