Photo: IMDb

There have been rumors of a Doctor Strange sequel making the rounds since its release, but details about a second movie for the doctor-turned-time-manipulating-hero are finally coming together.

Scott Derrickson, director and co-writer of Doctor Strange, is set to reprise his directorial role for the sequel, according to The Hollywood ReporterBenedict Cumberbatch will also return to the titular role. Benedict Wong, who plays Strange’s right-hand man, and Rachel McAdams, who plays Strange’s love interest, are likely to return as well.

There aren’t any details about the sequel’s plot, especially not from Marvel Studios, who have stayed tight-lipped about almost every movie in phase four.

That makes sense, though, because when we last saw Dr. Strange, he was turning to dust at the hands of Thanos. (It’s hard to star in a sequel when you technically don’t exist.)

With Derrickson on board, the search for a scriptwriter will soon get underway. This could put Doctor Strange 2 on track for 2020 production and a 2021 release.