Photo: BBC

We’re still weeks way from seeing Jodie Whittaker’s take as the newest Doctor October 7, and BBC released a new trailer to help us ease the wait. This time, the teaser video dives into even more epic intergalactic quests for our Doctor and her friends.

In the minute-long trailer, catch Whittaker’s Doctor run down corridors, use her sonic screwdriver, and bring her friends along to a variety of epic places.

Other scenes show unfamiliar planets, the squad running (and TBH, I’m exhausted just watching all the running) throughout scenes, and mysterious creatures. You can hear Whittaker say, “I’m the Doctor. When people need help, I never refuse,” and later, “I’m just a traveler. Sometimes I see things need fixing. I do what I can.” Oh, we’re ready.

Doctor Who returns October 7 on BBC and BBC America.