The doctor is in! In the palm of your hands, that is. Players can pre-register now to be one of the first to be notified when Nintendo’s Dr. Mario World launches for iOS and Android devices on July 10.

The new trailer below reveals new details about the free-to-start puzzle game, including its capsule and virus-matching gameplay, colorful cast of viruses and characters, and more.

In Dr. Mario World, pesky, meddlesome viruses have the world in a panic, and Dr. Mario and his friends must eliminate them by matching capsules with viruses of the same color. Players should keep calm, take their time, and plan their approach carefully, as each puzzling combination of viruses in each stage must be cleared using a limited number of capsules.

Luckily, Dr. Mario isn’t the only one on call: A full office of doctors — including Dr. Peach, Dr. Bowser, Dr. Toad, and many others — is there to help him overcome the pesky viruses using their virus-busting skills. More than 200 stages across many different worlds will be available at launch, with new doctors, stages, and worlds continuing added regularly.

Dr. Mario World can also be played together with friends and family around the world. Players can earn (and receive) stamina-giving hearts from friends, and use the hearts to play in Stage Mode. In Versus Mode, players can turn up the intensity by challenging others online to a one-on-one showdown in real time. Check out a screenshot below.

Dr Mario World mobile

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