endgame poster

Disney finally broke its silence on the Avengers: Endgame theatrical rerelease that Kevin Feige teased last week. This morning, the company issued an official press release about the blockbuster’s return to theaters (or, as they are calling it, the “Bring Back Event”).

The company also unveiled exactly what bonus materials fans will see: a video introduction from Anthony Russo, an unfinished deleted scene, and a sneak peek at Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Showings for this version of the movie will begin this Friday, June 28. While supplies last, fans will also get an exclusive poster (pictured above) with their ticket purchase. It features Stark’s version of the Infinity Gauntlet — the one Hulk wears — above the phrase “We love you 3000.”

Time to grab the tissues (again) and buy some tickets.

Photo: Walt Disney Studios